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Welcome to Prisoners Abroad

Prisoners Abroad is a human rights and welfare charity providing humanitarian aid, expert advice and emotional support to 4,000 people a year affected by overseas imprisonment.

We deliver specialist help to people during their incarceration, and we also help their family and friends cope with the trauma. When prisoners return to the UK we find them a home, provide survival grants and help them back into work. We are the only charity dedicated to helping this vulnerable and often overlooked group of people.

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"I will always be grateful for the compassion I was given when I finally plucked up the courage to call Prisoners Abroad."

Amanda, whose son is imprisoned in South East Asia.

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About us

For prisoners

Food, medical care, water filters, vitamins, books and more.

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For families

Reassurance and advice for families and friends worried about a loved one in prison.

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For better futures

Helping prisoners rebuild their lives in the UK when they come home.

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