Future Plans

As well as strengthening existing services, Prisoners Abroad plans to develop new ones to meet the growing needs of British citizens in prison overseas.

What we do makes a huge difference to the hundreds of British citizens struggling to survive in prisons overseas, often in terrible conditions. We also help hundreds of families to cope with the trauma of having a loved one in a foreign prison. However, we need to do even more.

Strategic plan

Further details of the services we’re working to develop can be found in the Prisoners Abroad strategic plan. Here is a summary of the key points.

 We will develop our services overseas to:
  • provide support to all categories of British nationals
  • increase the impact of grants and their availability
  • ensure a basic quality of life (eg educational opportunities) for those in prison overseas.
 We will develop our services for families to:
  • provide more proactive and face-to-face support
  • offer regional family services.
 We will develop our resettlement services to:
  • improve access to accommodation for returnees
  • provide regional resettlement services
  • develop longer term support for the most vulnerable.