Support for prisoners

Prisoner PictureThis morning, over 1,200 British citizens woke up in foreign prisons. For many, it’s the start of another day of fear, with barely enough to eat and drink.

The brutal truth is British prisoners in foreign jails often experience severe trauma, depression, self-harm and malnutrition. Many are slowly starving to death, or dying for lack of basic medical care. Human rights simply don’t come into it.

Prisoners Abroad is the only UK charity that cares for all UK citizens in foreign prisons. Right now we support over 1,000 prisoners in 87 countries.

Grants for food

We provide grants for basic food so that British citizens held in developing countries have enough to eat. In many countries prison food is inedible or simply doesn’t provide the nutrition needed to stay healthy.

Emergency medical care

Our grants pay for medical care for conditions, such as diabetes, which might otherwise go untreated and cause life-threatening complications.


We send vitamin supplements to help prisoners maintain their health in difficult conditions.

Freepost envelopes

We provide freepost international envelopes so that prisoners can keep in touch with home, even if they can’t buy stamps and paper.

Books and magazines

Our packages of books and magazines are a vital lifeline in a foreign prison, when there may be nobody else who speaks English.

Our job is to safeguard the welfare of every British prisoner abroad – guilty or innocent. Because basic human rights are for everyone.

Our vital services can make the difference between health and malnutrition, survival and death.

  • £15 can help one person to purchase a blanket in prison and rent a space on the main cell floor away from the toilet.
  • £26 could buy basic food to supplement an inadequate prison diet for nearly four weeks, and help keep someone healthy.
  • £41 can help to buy three water filters, so people aren’t forced to drink contaminated prison water. Each filter lasts up to two years and is shared by everyone in a cell.

Without our supporters our work could not continued. Please get involved and support our work or sign up to our e-newsletter.