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Posted on 19th August 2016

Brothers claim that their constitutional rights were violated

Having spent three years in a Trinidad and Tobago prison, two brothers from the country are suing the state over the conditions they had to endure. They claim to have had their constitutional rights violated due to the extreme and unusual treatment they had to at Golden Grove Remand Prison in Arima. They described the […]

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Posted on 27th July 2016

Highlighting the merits of employing ex-offenders

Virgin Trains helps ex-offenders to put their lives back on track, in a scheme which aims to show all employers that hiring former prisoners can be good for business and reduce re-offending. Five years ago Richard Branson called on UK companies to employ people with criminal convictions, encouraging them to look beyond the criminal record […]

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Posted on 1st July 2016

Big Lottery project outcomes, June 2016

This month marks the end of our three-year Ex-prisoner Housing Link project funded by The Big Lottery. It has been a fantastic opportunity to up-scale our work helping Britons make the difficult transition back to the UK after overseas imprisonment. Helping people access housing lies at the heart of this project. Without a roof over […]

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Posted on 29th June 2016

Know Before You Go: A statement from our CEO

An awareness campaign called ‘Know Before You Go’ was launched previously by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), encouraging British nationals to prepare for trips abroad by researching the local laws and customs of their destination. Prisoners Abroad became a partner in this campaign, and our Chief Executive Pauline Crowe, OBE released this statement: “Prisoners […]

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Posted on 7th June 2016

What happens when you’re deported to Britain?

If you were dropped into an unfamiliar city or country with no money, nowhere to sleep and no friends or family to call on for support – what would you do? How would you survive? Who do you think might help you? Over 200 people are deported back to the UK each year. They face […]

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