Help & support

Prisoners Abroad has more experience of supporting British prisoners overseas and their families than any other charity.

We care about the welfare of all British citizens held in foreign prisons or on remand, regardless of the crimes they are charged with.

  • We provide direct help to prisoners abroad including grants for food and emergency medical care.
  • We support families of British citizens held overseas - offering information, advice or just someone to talk to.
  • We also work closely with British embassy staff around the world, who frequently refer people to our services.
Helpline: 0808 172 0098

What we do

  • Provide grants for food and clothes

    Our small grants mean that people can get the nutrition they need to stay healthy.
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  • Relieve loneliness

    Our freepost envelopes provide people with a vital lifeline to home while in prison.
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  • Pay for medical care

    We offer grants so that prisoners can get the emergency medical care they need.
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  • Support families

    We're here for family members, to offer advice and guidance, or simply to listen.
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What we don’t do

  • Help prisoners get released

    We cannot help people with their court cases or fight for their release.
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  • Find lawyers

    We aren't able to find or recommend lawyers, or help people find legal advice.
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  • Give legal advice

    We cannot advise on legal questions or offer legal advice
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