Consular Area

We work closely with British consular staff in over 80 countries worldwide. They visit British citizens in detention, and help them access our services. The forms below should be taken by British consular officials on their first visit to a British citizen in prison abroad. Usually consular staff cannot offer support with welfare services, so it’s vital that they take these forms and leaflets into the prisons, so that we can help. Only British citizens should be given these forms. Unfortunately our services are not available to people who hold other forms of British nationality. If you work for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and have any questions, or information and forms to send, please email us at [email protected]. Please ensure you fill in the FCO Casebook number before passing forms to Prisoners Abroad, as we will need this number in order to communicate with FCO, particularly about funds payments.

What can you share with Prisoners Abroad?

If you have questions about what you can share with Prisoners Abroad, please read this checklist.

Authorisation Form

The authorisation form is the single most important form for Prisoners Abroad. Signing and returning it to us (preferably by fax or email) is the only way for prisoners to register with us. Please explain to prisoners that they must register with us to receive any of our services. The form also allows us to discuss details of the case with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and to store their details on our database.   As mentioned above, please ensure you fill in the FCO Casebook reference number before passing forms to Prisoners Abroad, as we will need this number in order to communicate with FCO, particularly about funds payments.

Authorisation form

Verbal Consent Form

The verbal consent form is for prisoners who are not allowed/able to sign the above authorisation form but want to register with Prisoners Abroad. Consular staff can obtain the prisoner’s verbal consent and send Prisoners Abroad the verbal consent form on FCO paper.

Verbal Consent memo

General Leaflet for Prisoners

This general leaflet gives an overview of the services of Prisoners Abroad and should be given to all prisoners on the first visit.

In Prison Abroad – how we can help

Initial Arrest Factsheet

Contains useful advice for prisoners who have just been arrested. It explains the issues they may need to address including childcare, accommodation arrangements, benefits entitlement whilst detained and power of attorney. This is more appropriate for British citizens who were usually resident in the UK at the time of their arrest (e.g. it would be less appropriate for British nationals who were long-term legal residents of another country).

Contact with family & friends form

Enables prisoners to provide us with contact details of any family member/friend that they wish us to send our leaflets to or be able to share information with. We will only discuss prisoners’ cases with their family/friends if their contact details have been provided to us in this way, and we don’t call family members to inform them of an arrest.

Craig Feehan Fund (CFF) application form

If you are visiting a prisoner in a developing country who is destitute and has no other sources of income they may be eligible for regular payments from this fund to help provide essentials such as clothing and toiletries. The form below should be completed by the prisoner and returned to Prisoners Abroad.

CFF application form

Medical Fund application form

Prisoners Abroad can help prisoners pay for essential medical and dental treatment if this is not provided free by prison authorities. When applying for a Medical Fund grant, please supply a written estimate of cost of treatment from the dentist or doctor. If applying after treatment, please supply a receipt.

Resettlement needs assessment

Prisoners Abroad’s Resettlement Service aims to help prisoners prepare for release and also offer support and advice during the first few weeks of your release. In order for us to find out a little more about an individual’s needs, we ask them to fill in and return the Initial Needs Assessment Form. This form is intended for prisoners who are to be released in the next 12 months and would like to use the Prisoners Abroad Resettlement Service. The form should be read together with the accompanying notes. Resettlement Needs Assessment form

Resettlement Needs Assessment form accompanying notes 

Plan B Leaflet

The Plan B leaflet highlights the importance of prisoners putting some thought and effort into preparing for their release. This is especially targeted at prisoners who, prior to their arrest, were long-term residents of the country where they are detained. Some may be in denial about the possibility of facing deportation from a country that they consider to be their home; doing nothing in this situation will place them at a huge disadvantage when they arrive in the UK. This leaflet talks through some of the basics that they need to consider. Plan B resettlement leaflet

General Leaflet for Prisoners (Large Print Version)

This is a large print version of our general leaflet for prisoners and outlines the different services we offer.