How and why we help

Prisoners Abroad provides life-saving and humanitarian services to thousands of British Citizens detained overseas, including:

  • Clean water
  • Essential food
  • Emergency medical care
  • Vitamins
  • Freepost envelopes to keep in touch with home
  • Books and magazines
  • Foreign language dictionaries and phrasebooks

No other UK charity supports British citizens in this way.

We are non-judgmental and provide assistance regardless of the stage of the legal process or the verdict, because we believe that no person in prison should suffer conditions threatening their life, dignity or health

Derek's Story

Abused – Derek’s Story

Abuses in foreign Jails and in police custody are all too common.  Extreme violence and regular beatings can be an everyday reality. You live in fear for your life.

David was tortured- he had a bag placed over his head, sprayed with pepper gas so he couldn’t see and was excruciating  pain, then he was left handcuffed in a corridor for three days.

A severely ill Derek was marched to hospital with a gun under his chin. Read Derek’s story here...

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ISOLATED – Tracy’s story

Many people are forgotten and left to endure terrible treatment alone, deprived of any contact from the UK.

Prisoners Abroad provide freepost envelopes so families can write to each other and keep in contact. Regular contact with loved ones gives someone hope –and hope can keep a person alive

Prisoners Abroad also offers families a huge range of support from a listening ear to advice, information and family support days. Read Mum Tracy’s story.

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Tracy's Story
Paul's Story

STARVED – Paul’s story

Not everyone gets fed in prison – it’s not necessarily considered a right- and many  that do get food are given meagre portions that are often inedible and poisonous.

Paul was detained in Thailand; he and his fellow inmates were fed-  slops tipped on the floor. It was a free-for-all-  the guards tipped enough food for approximately 50% of the people there and you had to dive in and get what you could. Paul lost 17kg (3 stone) in his first few months.

We found out about Paul and sent him a survival grant- it’s not a lot, about £30 a month- but it meant Paul could buy food, clean water and basics like soap and a mattress. Read Paul’s story.

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DENIED WATER – John and Grant’s stories

Prisons often fail to supply clean and drinkable water.  The same water has to clean you, is used for drinking, cooking but also used with in the waste system - illnesses are frequently picked up as a result of drinking the prison water.

John’s prison water system was blocked- not that unusual for them, in the hot weather they often went for spells without any water at all - but then they went to investigate and found a dead body in the main water drum- it had been lying there for weeks.

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John & Grant's Story