Handrails in cells for elderly prisoners

As a result of the number of elderly prisoners in Singapore rising over the past five years, the prison service has fitted hand rails and bars into some of the cells.

This is a growing issue in a number of countries around the world where the average age of the prison population is rising, due to long sentences and people generally living longer. Particularly in Japan, Britain and the United States, where the ‘number of greying convicts has swelled’ in the past ten years.

‘Singapore’s population is aging, and prisoners are no exception’, explains veteran criminal lawyer Edmond Pereira.

The report outlines that all basic needs, including medical needs, of inmates are met. Ensuring there are provisions for prisoners who need additional support is important. Lawyer Joseph Tan states that ‘even if the prisoners have done something wrong, they also have their rights. It does not mean we should not look after them in jail.’

Read the article in full here.

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