Imprisonment should promote rehabilitation

An interesting article from CBC News which discusses the rehabilitation programmes on offer in Canada’s prisons. There has been criticism that the work on offer in prisons to help prepare inmates for work once released is outdated.

CORCAN in an agency within the Correctional Service of Canada, which offers training in a variety of sectors including manufacturing, textiles and construction. However, those industries aren’t thriving in Canada and the Canadian prison watchdog has said that the skills inmates learn while practising them are very basic, and therefore difficult to transfer into the modern labour market.

The provision of work-based tasks is essential to keep minds occupied whilst incarcerated, and equips prisoners with practical skills as well as motivation. Practical skills are well suited to the apprenticeship jobs that are on offer through these schemes upon release. Broadening these skills however, to include improved numeracy and literacy, would suit a wider range of job opportunities for prisoners upon release.

Prisoners Abroad provides language books, donated books and other reading materials to British people overseas. The need for mental stimulation is critical to maintaining mental health during a prison sentence, so we provide these materials to help keep people’s minds active. We also provide dictionaries to assist them with learning the language of the country they are held in so they can communicate with those around them. These resources help tackle loneliness and isolation, help maintain social skills, and prepare them for work; connecting with a life outside prison.

Imprisonment should promote rehabilitation. To find out about how Prisoners Abroad work with people when they return to the UK to help them rehabilitate after serving a sentence click here.

Read the full article here.

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