New Zealand – Providing Knowledge and Skills to help with Employment on Release

In New Zealand, a ‘Secure Online Learning’ programme has recently been launched inside all of the nation’s prisons. The programme provides computer labs inside prisons with access to a selection of pre-approved educational websites that will help prisoners to develop life skills.

The programme aims to provide knowledge and skills which will help with employment upon release, including high demand IT skills and interpersonal skills. This interactive and varied learning strategy will be particularly beneficial for prison populations: a high percentage of prisoners will have had difficulties engaging with and benefiting from traditional education methods in school and in society. Many will gain valuable skills, motivation, and confidence that they have not had the opportunity to develop before.

Reintegrating prisoners into the outside world as working, skilled, and social members of society is one of the most successful ways of preventing re-offending and taking the emotional and financial burden off of prison systems. Hence, this initiative should prove helpful in reducing crime in New Zealand.

To find out more, read the full press release from the New Zealand Government here.

Unfortunately, not all countries have educational systems such as this one. Many Britons imprisoned overseas will have no access to new skills or ways to rebuild the confidence that is often taken away by incarceration.

Prisoners Abroad helps to compensate for this upon people’s return to the UK with our Resettlement and Workplace Preparation Programmes.  Our Workplace Preparation Programme provides job coaching, training, and CV help. It also helps returnees to find volunteer and recruitment opportunities. Undertaken in a supportive group environment, the programme provides not only practical skills but social and interpersonal skills too. Participants are left with greater confidence to find jobs and to engage as productive members of society.

More information about our Resettlement and Workplace Preparation Programmes can be found here. If you’re interested in helping us to run them, have a look here.

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