Recidivism rate unchanged

Here is an article outlining significant news from the prison service in Singapore which stated recently that the recidivism rate amongst inmates is almost unchanged. It has attributed this to the inmates securing stable employment on release, as well as benefitting from family and community support.

The prison service noted that strong support from the community is crucial in the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders and this report reflects the Singaporean community’s acceptance of inmates and ex-offenders as well as “commitment to giving them second chances”.

Prisoners Abroad aids people throughout their sentence abroad and when they return to the UK, to help ensure the transition back into normal life and their re-integration into society is as smooth as possible. This process can be harder for the people we support than prisoners who are released and get to remain in the country where they have served their sentence, because coming back to the UK means returning to a place that they haven’t lived in for an extended period of time, where the culture is different and there is a noticeable lack of family support because their family often remain in the country of imprisonment. Our resettlement service assists people during this difficult transition period.

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