Solitary Confinement in Louisiana

This article is the second report in a week which highlights the use of solitary confinement in America – and the extreme and severe impact it has on a person whilst incarcerated.

The conditions on death row in Louisiana are a violation of the prisoners’ human rights; confined in inhuman isolation for 23 hours a day in windowless cells – “the average size of a home bathroom” – jeopardising prisoners’ physical and mental health.

This piece reveals that ‘over three quarters of the more than 70 prisoners on death row have been in solitary confinement for at least a decade.’ It then goes on to talk about how people are starting to react to this treatment, with lawsuits against the state due to the restrictive conditions, hoping to shift how the country sees solitary confinement.

Shocked and interested in knowing more about solitary confinement in the US? Click here.

You can read this full article here.



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