UK prisons – a secure environment?

Some quite shocking undercover filming has emerged from one of Britain’s largest prisons which highlights the extreme difficulties some prisons in the UK are having at the moment. These problems are due to a number of factors, but an important one is a lack of prison officers; understaffed prisons have less control over those incarcerated due to limited resources. The repercussions of more lax security mean drugs are easier to get hold of, and the effects these drugs are having on prisoners’ behaviour are establishing longer term problems.

Prison should be a secure environment that promotes rehabilitation, and people in there should not be at risk of harm, whether they are prison officers or prisoners.

We work closely with the Foreign and Commonwealth office to ensure we are aware of the prison conditions in countries around the world, so that we can best assist British citizens who are incarcerated abroad.

You can read/watch the full BBC News story here highlighting the current difficulties:

This insightful Radio 4 programme discusses some of the key challenges facing the UK prison system at the moment:

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