World Youth Skills Day

On World Youth Skills Day, Prisoners Abroad thought we would share some good news about training opportunities for young offenders in the UK, as detailed in this article by the Financial Times.

National Grid have recently won a Responsible Business Award for Outstanding Employment, thanks to their training programme for young prisoners, boosting their work prospects after release. The scheme, which runs at 22 prisons, teaches participants how to maintain and repair engineering equipment, as well as assigning youths a mentor to support their progress.

The programme has seen great success—compared with the national reoffending rate of 73% amongst young people, only 7% participants in National Grid’s scheme return to crime.

It can be hard enough to find employment as a young person—let alone as a young offender. As part of our resettlement service, Prisoners Abroad offer a work preparation programme (WPP) to ex-prisoners of all ages, helping them to find work, training, volunteer and apprenticeship placements. The scheme consists of weekly group work sessions as well as one-to-one job coaching to identify personal skills, build confidence and prepare for the job application process.

The WPP helps people to reintegrate into the community and support themselves when other help is increasingly hard to come by. Without us, many former prisoners would have no support network and face destitution or homelessness.

As one of our resettlement clients said:

“Prisoners Abroad made the difference between feeling like I was all alone in the world with nothing to my name, to feeling optimistic and ready to start a new life… It’s a scary world out there but they let you know straight away that you’re home and everything is going to be ok—from soap all the way to jobs.”

To read more about Prisoners Abroad’s WPP, click here.

Adrian Bailey, who runs the WPP, has just won the ERSA Adviser of the Year award! Read about his achievement here.

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