Payroll Giving

What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll giving is a simple, tax-efficient and flexible way of donating to Prisoners Abroad through your salary. And because your donation is deducted before tax it costs you less and the tax man gives us the tax he otherwise would have kept.

Even small, regular donations make a big difference. If just 1 employee donated as little as a £1 a week for a year they could pay for someone to survive for 6 months, giving them food and water that an overseas prison would deny them.

Why Payroll Giving matters

Regular givers are the lifeblood of Prisoners Abroad. This regular support not only helps us plan for the future but also helps us be there in emergency situations when someone is denied food or water; it allows us to react quickly and ensure no one is left to starve.

What your gift could achieve

  • £3 a month After one year your gift could buy six months’ worth of bread for someone in prison who might otherwise starve  
  • £5 a month After one year your gift could help pay towards lifesaving surgery, like someone we helped in Peru recently
  • £10 a month After one year your gift could support two people detained in developing countries, for a year – providing them with basic necessities such as water, food and toiletries.

What your money is worth

You pledgemonthly Cost to you (basic tax rate)

Cost to you

(higher tax rate)

Charity receives
£5.00 £4.00 £3.00 £5.00
£7.50 £6.00 £4.50 £7.50
£10.00 £8.00 £6.00 £10.00
£12.50 £10.00 £7.50 £12.50
£15.00 £12.00 £9.00 £15.00
£20.00 £16.00 £12.00 £20.00

If you pay tax at the highest rate, a £10 monthly gift will cost you just £6. And did you know that Payroll Giving is the only form of giving that’s automatically tax-efficient for higher-rate taxpayers?

How do I get started?

Setting up a payroll gift is confidential, quick and easy. Please contact your company’s Payroll or HR team to see if your organisation offers payroll giving. If your organisation doesn’t currently offer payroll giving then can you still set up a donation in minutes online:

Donate now or download a form to donate through the Charities Aid Foundation

If you would like more information please read our Payroll Giving FAQ’s