The Giving Circle

When you make a gift, we believe it’s very important that you know how your money help, and you can clearly see the difference you make, and how important that difference is.

By making an annual gift of £1,000 or more, you will become a member of our exclusive annual giving circle. We will make sure you are kept informed about how you take people out of crisis and transform their lives.

Your donation is an investment to the people who need help the most.

“At the very heart of this work is a clear focus on the most practical of human rights. We’re the only charity making sure British citizens in prisons worldwide have the essentials for survival: food, clean water and medicine.”
Pauline Crowe, OBE, Chief Executive

You are helping people during their incarceration, when they return to the UK and need resettlement services, and you’re also helping support their family and friends throughout the trauma.

Your generosity becomes the money that prisoners receive to survive. In more than a quarter of the world’s prisons it is essential to have support from outside.

With your help, our multi lingual team can assess the situation, arrange overseas visits and put families back in touch.

You help over 200 people who are deported back to the UK each year, ensuring they can find somewhere to stay, provide grants for food and travel, and help them take the vital steps to a new life.

Help save lives, help keep families together, help build a positive future.

Would you like to join the giving circle?

Contact Daisy Badham on 020 7561 6832 if you would like more information on the giving circle.