Our Chairman

Richard Price

Prisoners Abroad is delighted to introduce our Chairman, Richard Price.


“The isolation and stigma of a prison sentence overseas is something  many of us may connect with but we have little true understanding of just how damaging and life-destroying the reality can be.

The support that Prisoners Abroad continues to provide is remarkable. Coming to the end of my first three year term as Chairman for the organisation has given me such insight into the help that we provide, and the real and lasting difference we are able to make to people imprisoned overseas and their families. I continually feel encouraged to devote my time and energy to such a worthy cause and to work alongside people with such a range of skills and a clear vision.

It is only with the help and support from our supporters that we are able to change people’s lives. Together we are able to make a real impact.”

Every year thousands of British people are detained in over 100 countries – often in horrific conditions which can cause severe physical and mental suffering. For them, Prisoners Abroad is the only charity offering a lifeline. Imprisonment should not endanger health or lives: it should promote rehabilitation. People in prison should retain their human rights and fundamental freedoms – wherever they are in the world, whatever their sentence.

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