Jane writes from prison in India, telling us of her ordeal. 


I’ve been in prison here for two years eight months, waiting to clear my name as my life is put on hold. Today you have the opportunity to help others like me stay safe and well while I fight for my freedom.

The prison conditions here are not good; it is 30 women to a cell and the food is inadequate to keep you alive and well.

After two and half years of being here, the anger and frustration sometimes take over as I wait on remand. The days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months, and then there will be another anniversary of my arrest, another birthday or Christmas. And every day, every minute, each second is a moment too long to be separated from my daughters.

Prisoners Abroad have been amazing, they not only provide me with the modest but vital amount of money to ensure I can buy fresh fruit and vegetables whilst I am here, but they send Christmas cards, books and newsletters. The magazines keep my mind stimulated and allow me to communicate with others in prison by using them as teaching tools for the English lessons I teach and the Hindi lessons I receive.

I ‘try to be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud’ (Maya Angelou) as many people have been the rainbow smiling on my cloudy days.

I say a heartfelt thanks to you all, who support Prisoners Abroad, for helping them support me. Just the knowledge that I haven’t been forgotten lightens my day and brings hope back to my soul.

Please help others in need today.

- Jane