By Imogen Hill

Denmark is the land of hygge, pastries, and the world’s happiest people. However if they seem rude, it’s not you, there is no Danish word for please! When you travel there, it is important that you understand any cultural quirks and obscure laws to ensure your holiday doesn’t get ruined by easily avoidable mistakes. As a western country, most of the laws in Denmark are the same as those in the UK, but compiled together bellow are just a few which might catch some unsuspecting tourists out.

  1. Drugs, and Pusher Street

Denmark does have strict laws in regard to drugs. Be careful if you come across Christiana/Pusher Street in the Freetown district of Copenhagen. It was set up as a liberal hippy thought experiment in 1971 and is a place in which they try and live autonomously from the Danish government. In this district it was legal to buy and sell drugs until 2004. However, it is illegal everywhere in the country so refrain from getting caught out. A fine is normally levied for possession and personal use, but you can get up to two years in prison.

  1. Drunk Cycling

Cycling is one of the main mechanisms of travel in Denmark, with 50% of all Danish people cycling to work come rain or shine. Such activities are easy to do when the landscape is so flat! However be careful how much you enjoy your boozy lunchtime meal by the canal because cycling drunk is illegal. There is no legal limit or breathalyser test however it is up to the police officers discretion as to whether he thinks you’ve had too much. This could culminate in a 1500DKK fine and you would have to leave your bike where it is and walk home.

  1. Public Transport

One common tourist trap is train ticketing. They are not so lenient so make sure it’s exactly the right ticket before you travel to avoid a potential fine of 750DKK.

  1. Jaywalking

For those that live in those big cities do not randomly walk across the road. Danes will always wait for the go signal and cross the road on designated crossings even if the road is clear at 3 in the morning. Jaywalking could land you a 700DKK fine!

Denmark is a beautiful county, full of friendly people, so enjoy yourselves! Check the Foreign and Commonwealth office for travel advice. For further information on Denmark check out these following links:

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