You are part of the small, but very important group of people that truly understand the value of our work. I know that we are a challenging cause, but our work saves lives and it has saved the life of David Haigh.

David is a businessman, lawyer and philanthropist, and was the Managing Director of Leeds United Football Club. In May 2014, while on a business trip to Dubai, David was arrested and imprisoned without charge. After 400 days since his arrest, David had not been charged with any crime. He had not been granted bail. He had not even been interviewed by the police and it’s not clear how long he was going to be held without charge. David was isolated and alone – thousands of miles away from loved ones and his home. David maintained his complete innocence, and no charges were ever brought against him.

Following his arrest, David was forced to sleep on the floor of a crowded prison cell. He was starving – unable to eat any food in his first weeks in prison. At one point, David’s situation was so desperate that he told us that he had thought about taking his life.

However, we provided with David assistance, and continued to help him throughout this ordeal. We gave David hope that his nightmare would come to an end. David told us: “Without Prisoners Abroad I wouldn’t be here. They have saved my life. Prisoners Abroad was there for me when no-one else was.”

A vital part of our work to help people like David, who are often kept in appalling conditions, is survival packs.  Quite simply these are the basic necessities that keep someone alive. Our packs can contain vitamins, medicines and money to buy food, clean water and phone cards so that people can call loved ones at home. Survival packs can also include things like newsletters, books, and freepost envelopes to send letters. These items help keep people like David mentally active and help reduce the isolation they face.

We help 1,700 British people in prison across the world every year. Our work saves lives and gives hope to those who have lost everything – their freedom, their dignity and, all too often, their most basic human rights.

David told us: “I know from my real-life experience just how important and critical a small amount of money to buy clean water, vitamins, and a phone card or food is. People need this support – it is literally life-saving.”

There are many people like David right now in an equally desperate situation. In prison, simple medicines, food and vitamins keep people alive.

David’s ordeal continued, but with the help and the kindness of our supporters we carried on providing vital support until he was able to return home. David maintained his innocence, and he was released 14 months after his arrest.

We gave David food and basic items such as a pen and paper so that he could at least communicate with his family and his lawyers. We need to ensure that we can continue to be there now for others like David, incarcerated all over the world, in whatever way they need us.

David says today: “They are a lifeline. The fact I’m alive today is in a large part because of Prisoners Abroad.”

Quite simply, our work saves lives. If you able to support us in any way possible please consider donating to Prisoners Abroad today, so that we can support others who are in need of support as David was.