We aim to reduce the suffering and isolation of this vulnerable and often invisible group, and help alleviate stress. We provide information about foreign prison conditions and criminal justice systems, and our multi-lingual team provides a wide range of practical and emotional support.

1,911 families and friends of overseas prisoners used our services last year, of which 922 were new to Prisoners Abroad. The chart below shows their relationships to the person in prison.

User satisfaction

Family members and friends using Prisoners Abroad’s services express a very high level of satisfaction with the help they have received. The chart below shows the overall satisfaction with the service.

 How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the service you have received from Prisoners Abroad?

“Everything they did for me they were brilliant and I can't thank them enough each time they couldn't give me an answers they came back to me with the answer as soon as they could.”

Mother of a prisoner in France

“All help was much appreciated and gave peace of mind, particularly as there is no direct contact possible except by post which can take a long time - I cannot overstate how much this meant to our family.”

Mother of a prisoner in Thailand


Family/friends by region

The map below shows the breakdown of family/friends helped last year by their geographical region. The largest groups are in London and outside of the UK, the majority of these latter families being related to prisoners in countries such as the USA and Australia where prisoners face deportation and separation.

Family Days & Family Support Groups

Last year six Family Days and 24 Family Support Groups were held across the UK with nearly 200 attendees.

“Speaking with other family members gives you an insight of what to do in circumstances which maybe you do not know how to approach, so having their experience helps”

Partner of a prisoner in Spain

“Listening and talking about one’s predicament in a small group is like therapy. A problem shared is a problem halved, knowing you are not alone emotionally.”

Mother of a prisoner in the USA

“I am not one for this type of meeting and did not want to attend; my wife talked me into it. I found it so good that we have attended more since. It helped my wife and I to be able to talk together afterwards - it broke down barriers.”

Father of a prisoner in Spain