We are supporting 63 people in France. We help people understand their situations and the situation of their loved one by speaking to French authorities and helping set up prison visits. Communication is a lot harder when you do not speak the language and have to navigate a prison system from afar. 

Finding out a relative or a loved one is in prison is often hard enough, but incarcerated in a different country can be a whole other story. Family members of people we are supporting in France talk about the difficulties they went through: 

"When you get the news that your daughter has been arrested, after the heartbreak your head goes into melt down, then you switch into protective parent and want to rescue them from their troubles, then suddenly another challenge - she is in France... how do you cope with all the issues in another language? 

Thankfully our son found Prisoners Abroad, and Emma (thank you so much for your help!), and instantly so many of the challenges where gone.

They knew the prison and some of the staff where our daughter was being held, they knew all of the policies and procedures and most importantly they could speak and communicate at every level in French, my fears of a crash course were over, although I wish I had listened more in my French classes at school.

We have now travelled to France and visited our daughter and in fact are off to see her again tomorrow, and all of this has been thanks to the great work and wonderful support that we have received as a family from Emma and all the team, and I know that the communications our daughter has received from Emma have helped her immensely.

- a family member

"Prisoners Abroad have been invaluable in communicating with French prison staff and with translating my father's legal documentation into French. Without them I would also have had great difficulty in going to visit my dad (in particular obtaining a visit permit). I honestly can’t thank the team enough, especially Eppie and Emma- thank you!" 

- a family member