Our 40th year is an opportunity to celebrate what we have achieved since we started in 1978, to think about the ongoing need of people affected by overseas imprisonment, and to ensure we can continue to support them throughout their incarceration and when they come back to the UK.

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In 1978, the National Council for the Welfare of Prisoners Abroad was founded by Joe Parham and Craig Feehan. They recognised a need for supporting people in prison overseas, far from home, and living in poor conditions. In 1988 NCWPA was incorporated as a company and re-named Prisoners Abroad.

                                                                      Craig Feehan and Joe Parham 

We have been supporting British people overseas for the last 40 years, ensuring people have access to clean water, food and medicine so that they can survive a prison sentence overseas.

                                               Items to help prisoners survive overseas imprisonment

We support people on return to the UK after incarceration as well as supporting family members throughout the process.

The need continues to grow year on year, and we continue to provide help and support to people when they need it. We couldn’t have achieved this without the thousands of donors, volunteers and staff members over the years.

Our Timeline - looking back at the last 40 years

A Word from our Founder and a current Trustee

It was controversial because most of the people we were supporting were unsuccessful drug smugglers. But people seemed to get past that, because I suppose we managed to persuade them to look at the person rather than what got them into that fix.

The time was right, midnight express had just come out and everyone was talking about it. It was a time of great change. We didn't have a goal, it was so tenuous, so visionary. Looking at what it was then to what it is now is extraordinary, it's magical.

Joe Parham, founder of Prisoners Abroad

An exceptional organisation, performing an extremely important and worthwhile role, filling a gap whose existence would otherwise be seen as an extreme moral blot on the standing and representation of our society.

Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, a Trustee of Prisoners Abroad

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