Get ready to tune in to Prisoners Abroad’s Radio 4 Charity Appeal!


29th July: 7.55am and 9.26am


2nd August: 3.57pm

Esteemed Actor Simon Callow CBE speaks about Prisoners Abroad on Radio 4 to raise funds for British people imprisoned abroad, raising awareness of the terrifying conditions and isolation they face locked up far away from family and friends.

Hear Jon’s story of how he survived a Thai jail to return home and rebuild his life.

Listen to Simon speak more about his reasons for supporting Prisoners Abroad: 

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All around the world we know there are British people in foreign jails; they are terrified, lost, bewildered and ill..thank God there is an organisation that can help and that organisation is Prisoners Abroad.

If you can possibly find some way of contributing to give prisoners back their sense of self respect, their sense of dignity, their sense of being human will be doing a very fine thing.

- Simon Callow

Thank you!