Donate today and you could help us provide a prisoner with the life-saving essentials they urgently need. Together we will make sure that everyone has their human rights protected. 

When a person is imprisoned they lose to right to freedom, but the rest of their rights as a human should remain. No one should lose their basic human right to clean water, food and medicine. 

Around the world, thousands of British people are held in prisons where their very survival rests on support from the outside world. Prisoners Abroad exists to ensure that every British prisoner overseas gets the basic human rights they need to stay alive. 

So many of us find ourselves locked up in foreign lands away from so much that is familiar to us. The length of sentence is bad enough but the punishment is compounded massively by the absence of any friends and family. You provided me with the only support that I received from home and provided me with a reason to stay focussed. Without you I have no doubt that I would have given up on myself some time ago. [A prisoner in Spain]

Our Vitamin Grants help to protect the health of prisoners in countries where the nutritional value of the food and prison conditions are particularly poor. Last year we distributed vitamins to 134 people in the form of 399 grants. We also provided life-saving Medical Grants to 348 people. South East Asia takes up a vast proportion of these resources; the medical grants provided included two hospitalisations in Thailand for multiple, complex health issues in both cases and heart medication for a service user in the Philippines. Outside South East Asia, funds have been used to pay for diabetes medication, blood tests and dental work from West Africa, to South America and the Caribbean. This shines a light on the complexity of health needs worldwide that require attention. 

Thank you for your help with monthly monies, it enables me to buy fruit and food from the prison shop. I can't say how much of a lifeline you have been. [A prisoner in Thailand]