At the core of our work is our vision, mission and purpose.


That people survive imprisonment overseas with dignity and hope.


To provide a lifeline for British citizens and their families during and after imprisonment overseas.


To safeguard the welfare and human rights of British citizens detained overseas.

To reduce the isolation and deprivation experienced by both prisoners overseas and their families.

To prevent destitution and street homelessness among British citizens returning from overseas and give them a second chance to rebuild their lives.

Our Values

Our unique values ensure we achieve our goals of supporting people who might otherwise be forgotten.

Non-judgemental: we see beyond the conviction, we see the human and what they should have access to no matter what their situation. We believe no one should be subject to torture, inhumane or degrading treatment.

Optimistic: we strive to empower our service users and to tailor our services to the needs of each individual.

Motivated: we recognise that we can only deliver our mission with dedicated and well-motivated staff.

Effective: we work positively against unfair discrimination and inhuman treatment. We seek to exert influence to achieve equal treatment for prisoners, families and returnees, irrespective of sex, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, social origin, disability, sexual orientation or other status.  

Responsible: we spend our funds and use our resources responsibly to achieve maximum impact and value for money.

Practical: Prisoners Abroad translates human rights law into practical life-saving actions.