Chris was imprisoned in South Sudan last year; he was detained but not sentenced, and the risks in the country were high. Where Chris was being held was a key asset during the Civil War and rebels were attacking the building. He could hear the tanks, the AK47s, the 50mm machine guns - the battles were going on outside the prison and he could hear them firing from the top of the roof. As you can imagine, this was a very stressful time for Chris. 

On top of the stress that he felt, the conditions he was having to ensure were terrible. Running water was only available for an hour a day which made the situation unbearable and it was almost impossible to maintain a basic level of health. There was no protection from mosquitos and Chris contracted malaria. 

When the conditions are poor and there isn't access to medical care, illness and disease can quickly spread amongst prisoners. Chris had several bouts of diarrhoea and also suffered gout. He told us that one day he wasn't able to move because standing up was too painful. 

Prisoners Abroad provides life-saving support to people like Chris. Our survival grant enables people to buy clean water and food to help them maintain a basic level of well-being. Our medical grants allow people in prison to access vital medical care if they are unwell. We also send vitamin grants to people when the prison food is not nutritious enough to help them stay healthy. 

We were able to support Chris' family throughout the ordeal. We gave them practical advice about how best to get in touch with Chris and much-needed emotional support on the phone when they called in moments of distress. With our support Chris' sister Margaret was able to face the stigma of having a loved one in prison and learnt how to talk to others about her experience. 

Anything you can give today makes a real difference to the lives of people affected by overseas imprisonment. 

Thank you.