Travel Aware Quiz

'Travel Aware’ is an awareness campaign that we run in partnership with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) to make people aware of information that might prove useful whilst travelling abroad.

Take our Travel Aware quiz to see how aware you are of the different laws and legislations in different countries around the world. The consequences of breaking the law in other countries is often a lot worse than you think, so test yourself, and be Travel Aware!

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In some parts of which country is it illegal to wear a bikini or swimming shorts in the street?
Barbed Wire
In which country was a Swiss national arrested for having poppy seeds from a bread roll on his jacket?
Bars close up
In which country are common forms of nasal inhalers illegal?
Caged window
On which island is it illegal to eat or drink while driving?
Hands through fence
Where in the world is it illegal to wear camouflage clothing?
Hand through bars
Man in corner