We highlight how breaking often lesser-known laws around the world can get you into trouble abroad. We focus on a country each month. Don't get caught out - have fun and be Travel Aware.

February '19 - Italy

Travel Advice

Approximately 3 million British nationals visit Italy every year. Most visits are trouble-free but it is always sensible to be aware of any changes in the law or local customs when you leave the UK. 

January '19 - Philippines

Travel Advice

Prison sentences in the Philippines are severe. The judicial system can result in long-term detention until a court hearing takes place. Detention facilities are far below UK standards. Don’t become involved with drugs of any kind. Penalties for importing and using illegal drugs are particularly severe. Read full travel advice on the foreign office website before you travel. 


Detainees sleep at Manila City Jail in Manila, Philippines, Oct 31, 2018. Misery and overcrowding are worse than ever in the Philippines’ pre-trial jails, with guards so outnumbered that gangs increasingly keep the peace. 

Holidaying in the Philippines: what to know before you go. 

Ellie Collet writes about when a dream holiday could turn into trouble in paradise

December '18 - Thailand

Travel Advice

Check the local laws and customs prior to travelling to Thailand to make sure you stay safe. 


A local's guide to Bangkok: travel like a local with these top tips. Stay safe and aware no matter how you experience different places. 

I'm on holiday, so anything goes - right?! - Matt Gray writes frankly about how to be aware of local laws and customs. 

November '18 - Poland

Travel Advice

Updates and information about the things you should be wary of before heading to Poland. 

Offences, punishments and conditions

The drink driving limit is lower than it is in the UK, at 20 milligrams of alcohol to 100 millilitres of blood. You can be imprisoned for up to two years for this offence in Poland. Being drunk in public as well as jaywalking are also offences and these carry a fine. Prison conditions in Poland can vary, there have been reports of brutality used in prisons, with guards using excessive force when dealing with prisoners. 


Thinking about A Winter Break in Warsaw? Megan Hart has some tips

October '18 - Portugal 

Travel Advice

Taking an Autumn break? Last summer sun? Portugal might be the place for you, but make sure you check out the Foreign Office website for travel advice before you go! 


Read Lily Ross' blog about what to watch out for in Portugal.

Lisbon is slowly becoming one of the most popular European cities for tourists, and there is no mystery as to why. Gaby Heaton outlines the little-known laws there so you don't get caught out!

September '18 - Sri Lanka

Travel Advice

Read the travel advice on the Foreign Office website before travelling to Sri Lanka. 

August '18 - Denmark

Travel Advice

Denmark's local laws and customs section. 


Read what Imogen Hill has to say about Denmark's cultural quirks and obscure laws

July '18 - Russia

A popular country to visit this month due to the World Cup 2018. 

Travel Advice

Russia travel advice


An article explaining that thousands of prisoners in Russia are to expect an early release under a new law that would count time spent awaiting trial towards a jail sentence. 

June '18 - France

France is currently one of the most popular destinations for British travellers, with around 17 million Brits visiting the country each year.

Travel Advice

Local laws and customs in France. 


France: five of the country's laws


Kenisha tells us how one bad decision changed her life. 

May '18 - Egypt

Travel Advice

Read up on the local laws and customs before taking a trip.


Look after yourself in Egypt by Emily Abbott

April '18 - India

Travel Advice

Find out what you should look out for before heading off to India. 


Five important laws and customs to know if visiting India as a woman - read the blog by one of our student ambassadors. 


'I try to be the rainbow in someone else's cloud...as many people have been the rainbow smiling on my cloudy days'

Jane writes from India


We are currently supporting 18 people in India. Conditions in Indian prisons are often poor, which means there is a greater need for our survival grants which allow people to buy fresh food and clean water - essentials to stay alive and well.

Have a look back at our month focusing on prisoners for our 40th anniversary, which outlines the grants we offer to British people detained in developing countries. 

March '18 - USA


US: The Complex and Varying Marijuana Laws in the United States - by Michaela Hernychova


We are supporting 243 people in USA at the moment, this is 24.3% of our client group. 


Desmond's story: he was deported from America in 2016, having been out of the country for three decades. 

Travel Advice

USA foreign travel advice - read before you travel

February '18 - Austria


Five tips from an Austrian - written by Zahra Rahman

Visiting Austria - here's a head's up from Laura Williamson

Travel Advice from the foreign office

January '18 - New Zealand


By Emma Watkins on How to Travel in New Zealand, whilst staying #travelaware!

December '17 - Germany

Article in relation to Germany

An ever-increasing challenge of communicating with loved ones


Five ways to act like a native in Germany by Rosie Wright 

Statistics - people we are supporting in Germany

  • We currently have 32 British prisoners that we are supporting in Germany (making it 7th in terms of client numbers)
  • In most countries, prisoners with drug offences are typically the largest group. In Germany, however, 38% of current prisoners are detained on fraud-related offences (half of these being detained for tax-related fraud).
  • The longest sentence length of the people we are currently supporting is 15 years.
  • The average sentence length for current British prisoners in Germany is 9 years
  • This year, 9 detainees in Germany have received language learning materials to help them communicate in prison.
  • Provision for healthcare for prisoners in Germany is generally good – although people who have no form of insurance are asked to cover part of the cost. Prisoners Abroad has only made one Medical Fund payment to a prisoner in Germany in the past 4 years.

Link to the foreign office website 

Local laws and customs information 

November '17 - Australia

Article on laws in the country

An Aussie's guide to the Ashes - read Beth's blog about travel to Australia this year

Mark's story 'the beautiful present'

Prisoner pack and link to the Foreign office advice

Read the travel advice for Australia - updates on legality of e-cigarettes and updates on local laws and customs

October '17 - United Arab Emirates

Article on laws in the country

#makememoriesnotmistakes - read one of our student ambassadors blogs about Dubai travel

Prisoner pack and link to the FCO - foreign office advice

This month UAE is the focus - read their travel advice

Case studies / Quotes

A quote from David Haigh, who we supported when he was imprisoned in the UAE. 

“Without Prisoners Abroad I wouldn’t be here. They have saved my life. Prisoners Abroad was there for me when no-one else was.”

Read more about David's story here

September '17 - Turkey

Article on laws in the country

In conjunction with World Tourism Day read our article about Turkey

Prisoner pack and link to FCO - foreign office advice. 

This month we're looking at Turkey - download the prisoner pack. 

Case studies / Quotes 

"The fact of knowing that there are people out there who have never met me but still care; people who do not sit in judgement or castigate; people who remind one that there is goodness in the world." MV - Turkey

August '17 - Spain

Article on laws in the country

Spain! Read about the laws and what to watch out for when travelling there. 

Prisoner pack and link to FCO – foreign office advice

Our Travel Aware country of the month is Spain! Download the Foreign Office prisoner pack.

July '17 - Greece

Article on laws in the country 

July's country of the month is Greece - read about the things you may not have known about in relation to being travel aware! 

Prisoner pack and link to FCO – foreign office advice

Check out FCO travel - travel advice from the Foreign Office.

You can download the Foreign Office's prisoner pack for our Travel Aware country. 

Case studies /Quotes 

“I would like to give appreciation for all your support … and especially for helping my family to visit. It was amazing to see them even if only for 20 minutes. In that time we could discuss your support and how it helped us to understand what we will be going through after my release. We believe that we couldn’t make it without your help and support. Thank you.” –A prisoner in Greece

June '17 - Croatia

Article on laws in country

Our Travel Aware country of the month is Croatia! Read our article about what to look out for if you're out there. 

Should you be arrested in Croatia, you can learn more about which steps to take next here.

For more travel tips and advice, discover other countries in Prisoners Abroad’s Travel Aware campaign.

Prisoner pack and link to FCO – foreign office advice

Our Travel Aware country of the month is Croatia!

Going to a festival out there? Read FCO travel - travel advice from the Foreign Office before you do. 

Or check out student ambassador Olivia's blog about drugs at festivals.

Prisoner Pack - The Foreign Office has published updated guidance for British prisoners in our Travel Aware country of the month Croatia.

May '17 - Morocco

Morocco Needs More Prisons to Accommodate Soaring Number of Inmates, Official Says.

During an intervention at the Justice, Legislation and Human Rights Commission in the House of Councilors, Morocco’s upper house of the Parliament, Mohamed Saleh Tamek, the Delegate General of the Penitentiary and Reintegration Administration, revealed that the number of inmates in the country has exceeded 80,000 prisoners.
Find out more: http://ow.ly/huWR30cjHq0

Article on laws in the country

Be #TravelAware: Morocco – Diverse Natural Beauty, Cultural Attractions, and Unique Laws.

Visit our website to find out what to look out for in Morocco.

Travel Aware

Travelling to Morocco can be an incredibly diverse and rewarding experience – although care should be taken to #TravelAware.

To find out more about safe travel, have a look at Prisoners Abroad’s Travel Aware campaign.

Prisoner pack and link to FCO – foreign office advice

Morocco foreign travel advice

Morocco prisoner pack

Case Studies/Quotes

In the words of a family member of a man detained in Morocco:

‘He left when his son was 3 months old, now his son has met him and is able to identify him as his dad… Our daughter is very close with her dad; this keeps me going knowing that once a year she will be able to see her father’.

To read the story of Ray Cole, a Briton imprisoned in Morocco for homosexuality, click here.