A photographic correspondence with prisoners detained worldwide. 

This project invites prisoners to respond to a series of photographs that are sent to them. The project is using photographs representing touch, sight, taste, smell, sounds, time and space to explore the feelings and perceptions that people have about different senses whilst they are incarcerated. 


Time 1/12

Author: CH, 25 years old, female. 

His back to a handless clock, as if to ignore the unignorable, but one cannot disregard time. The attempt is futile, even juvenile. I am contemptuous.
Thickening to the backs of my fingers, all I can see is a pantomime, an over-orchestrated portrait. Sympathetic solidarity oozes from him like uncultured syrup; too rich!
As yet untampered by proper knowledge, there is a lack of true comprehension to words and frame. His design? To elicit a response from myself and others. Imagining my strife and pain through the words of case studies or clients, he is unschooled in the dismal entrapment of walls. He photographs himself before me. It is then all I see, a representation of stagnation, intransience, decay. They are the last great enemy, ensnaring and cruel. To paint upon them, to plaster their smooth frozen surfaces with brightest nostalgia is definitive madness.
A face may change, but its nature shall remain beneath. Thousands before me have stared these, my cage’s faces, and thousands shall do so after me; gazing blindly as hours blur todays, blend to weeks and are then lost inside months and years, just as all else (desires, feelings, memories, hopes, identity…) will be lost. 

Author: HV, 60 years old, female.

Time has little meaning, incarcerated, incapacitated in a cell that makes you claustrophobic. It can get lonely, but not for me. From the beginning of time, I’ve been determined to survive, lost time cannot be recovered, time with loved ones are lost forever. The strict time schedule forced on us day in and day out, doesn’t make one gain time. I like to think I’ve used the years wisely, improved myself, always looking forward to the future. New horizons await me through this solitary confinement. I can always use my ability for using time, whether the hands are there or not, time is in myself. I can use them as I wish.

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