Julian spent thirty years of his career with the British foreign office. From 2008 to 2011 Julian served as the Director of the UK’s Consular Service, where he first worked with Prisoners Abroad as part of the important and enduring partnership between the charity and the Consular Service.  In this role Julian visited many British nationals in prison around the world, from North and South America, through Africa, Europe and Asia. 

During his diplomatic career, Julian has also served in Belgrade, Washington DC, Brussels and Geneva. In this latter posting, Julian was the UK’s ambassador to the World Trade Organisation and the UN in Geneva, which includes the UN Human Rights Council and the international human rights treaty bodies. He has also been seconded to the UN in Croatia, the Office of the High Representative in Bosnia, and NATO in Belgium. He has worked twice in 10 Downing Street including four years in the early 2000s. 

Julian is currently CEO of an international alliance of beer, wine and spirits companies dedicated to tackling harmful drinking and supporting the WHO’s global alcohol action plan, the UN Declaration on Non Communicable Diseases, and the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Julian was first attracted to the non-judgemental mission of Prisoners Abroad long before he met the charity, when he visited foreign nationals in prison while travelling through Latin America in the 1980s.