Spending prolonged periods of time at home during the pandemic has made it difficult for family members not to obsess about the increased vulnerability of their loved one in prison overseas.

For some, thinking of more creative ways to communicate with their relative has helped to make things a little easier, as this family member writes.

Not many weeks before my son was arrested, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we went for a walk in the countryside along paths through the woods - tracks that followed contours of lakes and rivers. Living a distance away from each other encouraged us both to make the most of time together.

Now, I venture on my daily walks often treading the same paths as we did together, my mind not with me but with my son, and a longing that he was with me again.

Words began to appear in my head describing the walk to him, encouraging him to be with me in my heart, relating my love to him through joint memories of a beautiful time together.

So when I got home, pen hit paper and the following was created...


Walk With Me


My task is done, a letter gone

To yonder shores to be with my son

With postage paid, and love abounds

To find you now, my dear son


With woodland walk awaiting me

I munch an apple from upon a tree (Lidl's)

The birds sing out a chorus or two

Serenading each step I took with you


The lakes are still, the breeze is light

Not another person is in sight

The noise around from flies and bees

Engulfs the swamps amidst the trees


The river now flows gently by

It says hello and then goodbye

The reeds they wafter as they wave

Dear son, stay strong and brave


Alas I’m home my thoughts with you

I recall again the yonder shore

So… walk with me within your dreams

Believing one day you’ll be with me.

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