Written by Catherine Demetriadi 

The desire to provide for our families once we are gone is something most people can understand.  It is foremost in our minds when creating our wills.  What people also often consider is how to provide for the charities they have supported during their lives.

In our case, a beloved member of our family is imprisoned overseas.  The sentence he is serving means we might not be around to see him freed from prison.  It has been a terrible worry, as it is for many British families like ours who’s loved ones are serving long sentences abroad.

For my partner Julian and me, the most effective way of addressing this worry has been to write a will that makes small bequests to godchildren and sets up a trust for our son’s future care.  

We have also not hesitated to include Prisoners Abroad in our estate plans.

Prisoners Abroad has been with us since my family’s tragic news broke -- from offering comfort and advice about our son’s legal position, to introducing us to the Foreign Office’s American Desk, to including us in their affirming and supportive family meetings with others in similar situations. I wish we could have given more, but the trust created by our wills must care for someone who, because of poor mental health, may never be able to fend for himself.

This is where you come in.

Prisoners Abroad is going to be needed for as long as any British subject is incarcerated anywhere outside of Britain's borders, for whatever reason. 

That’s why Julian and I appeal to everyone who has been helped, or touched, or simply moved by the mission of Prisoners Abroad, to consider making a bequest or other legacy arrangement for this wonderful charity. Major bequests are vital, but the amount you give doesn’t matter, as long as many of us join together in this action.

We encourage you to consider leaving a legacy gift to Prisoners Abroad.  As both ardent supporters and beneficiaries of the charity, we can tell you how valuable their services are.  

Please help Prisoners Abroad to support families like ours long into the future. 

Catherine and Julian have also kindly recorded a video talking about their legacy support, which you can watch below:

Are you interested in learning more about Legacies? There is plenty of information on our Legacies page to get you started.