Not long to go now, but still pretty far… 26.2 miles left until I can forget about running and remember what it’s like not to have tight hamstrings, aching feet and to not spend so much money on food to fuel my five meals a day.

It’s been a really fun couple of months – leaving work at the end of the day with Eppie or Daisy after choosing a lengthy route around North London with a wave goodbye point equidistant from each other’s houses (and hot baths), has been good incentive to get the mileage in.

Running on behalf of the charity that you work with every day does make a real difference. We are running to help continue the vital work that we do at Prisoners Abroad; fulfil the ambitious vision and drive the powerful mission – it means a lot. One of the best bits is being able to engage friends and family in Prisoners Abroad’s work so much more than usual. The organisation is so unique and is not in the public eye as much as I would like it to be, so it’s a great opportunity to use a challenge like this to bring people into the conversation; getting people to talk about overseas imprisonment.

In the last month or so we’ve been tackling the long runs, the big ones that are supposed to really get you prepared for race day - where at the end of 20 miles you can’t quite believe that you are supposed to do more for the real thing. Our favourite runs are along the canal or down by the river, people watching is a big part of what gets me through the run – it distracts me from remembering how boring it could be, or how numb my feet are. It also undoubtedly helps having one or both of the others to chat to about the week ahead, laugh about how we haven’t stuck so closely to our ‘no booze rule’ and just to have the company.

Those remaining six point two miles could be the end of me, but realistically it’ll be an amazing achievement, something I can look back on and think: yur I did that. Here’s to Sunday night!

For anyone who wants to help us reach our target, we are so grateful!