Many of the family members we support find solace in our Family Support Groups which offer a safe, non-judgmental space to talk about the challenges of overseas imprisonment with others who are in a similar situation. These sessions have moved online during the pandemic which has allowed us to run meetings that focus on specific countries and regions.

Your support of Prisoners Abroad ensures people have a space to talk about their experiences and work through the stigma. Thank you. Read about the difference that this makes:

  • When we have met in the past it is always so nice to see people relax and share smiles and sometimes laughter in the time we have. Although the odd hug is missed I still felt the meeting on zoom achieved a caring supportive gathering.

  • Although I manage my daily life, my mind is always thinking about my son so far away especially and never more than this time. The group understand completely whatever their own personal situation or wherever their loved one is in prison.

  • To be able to sit with others without judgment or prejudice is a short but precious relief from the hiding and other sort of isolation I am used too where I live. This is a very special community for all those with someone in prison overseas.

  • When we first came across PA we were embarrassed that we had a relative in prison. The Family Support Group helped us to deal with the shame and realise that it wasn't us. The support from other members was invaluable.

  • Yesterday was a great deal of help and like a warm perching place in the storms of life that carry on all around us.

  • It’s lovely to feel free to express how I have been coping despite having many melt downs. To hear the ideas and reassurances of people out there who do understand my/our situation is so helpful. There is a way through this.

Thank you on behalf of the family members who depend on people like you.

In addition to our Family Support Groups, we have recently sent every family member we are helping a dedicated guide with information on taking care of your mental health as the relative of an overseas prisoner.

Read Our Mental Health Guide