As part of our support service, we provide freepost envelopes to enable prisoners to keep in touch with their loved ones - but we also receive lots of insightful letters addressed to the Prisoners Abroad office. We thought you might like to read a selection of them.

Dear Prisoners Abroad,

I would like to thank you on behalf of all British prisoners who are detained in foreign countries around the world. I would also like to thank all supporters of Prisoners Abroad for their selfless work.

The vast majority of mankind does not think of those who are in the world’s prisons, much less take time out of their own lives to do things to help prisoners. However, your organisation does all it can to support the men and women who find themselves in this very difficult - and at times dangerous - predicament. It matters not what crime we are accused of and why we are in prison.

Everyone who works for or supports Prisoners Abroad is part of a very kind and rare group of people. If all of mankind had the same selfless caring hearts then the world would be a different place and maybe, just maybe, there would be no need for prisons or the likes of your organisation because the whole of humanity would display your priceless qualities.

Prisoners Abroad's workers and supporters are a shining example of what this world truly needs in every sphere of existence.

Please thank everyone involved in sending all the birthday cards and Christmas cards which they take the time to purchase, sign and send out to the many British prisoners in foreign jails. Though it might be a small token it has very great value. Someone somewhere cares.

I am also so very grateful for the many newspapers you take time to send out to us on a regular basis. They mean so much. When I receive a newspaper from Prisoners Abroad my heart leaps for joy at this simple gift.

And finally, please thank all your supporters from us. For without them, your organisation could not provide the selfless service that means so much to us un-thought-of people who are dependent on your love and caring hearts to prove that this world has not yet completely sunk into the dark abyss of lovelessness.

May every nation have a Prisoners Abroad. You are all worth your weight in gold.

- A prisoner in Japan

Hello to the crew of Prisoners Abroad!

Thanks for the card and recent newsletter. Wow guys that was such a nice touch. If I get to London, it would be nice to contribute to your organisation as a volunteer, as I would be a prisoner who can relate to other prisoners coming back to England. It’s just a suggestion and who knows, I might fall in a heap and won’t be able to do anything at all.

I’m struggling but my wife keeps telling me to stay strong. I’m so scared of all the unknowns I'll come up against when I get to the UK: racism, rising costs, climate change, getting lost in London…

I'm also worrying about being away from my incredible friends, neighbours and family, and my house that I love so much with its trees and lizards… Yeah, big family of lizards roam in my garden, keeping the snails at bay. They have blue tongues and are about a foot long; bloody cute they are!

Climate change is just getting ridiculous now and some governments just don’t care (like the Australian government). I’ve said before but I reckon Australia will be like Mars in the future; you would not believe how hot it gets here now. Not hard to guess who one of my heroes is – Greta Thunberg – she’s amazing, and up against a brick wall.

I feel sorry for young people: plant more trees, take the plastic out of the ocean, electric cars, solar power, wind power… Reduce the population, too many people now… And forget about the space race! I was interested in space but now it seems like it’s just rich guys with ridiculous amounts of money trying to compete against each other. Spend it on Earth I say! This planet is a beautiful place. Australia is a beautiful place!

Will sign off now, hope you guys take care. Be nice to each other and keep up the good work. I hope I get to meet you all. See ya folks.

- A prisoner in Australia