We are excited to announce that Prisoners Abroad has launched a new website! We are grateful for the grant awarded to us by Transforming Lives Foundation who delivered the redesign project in partnership with Raising IT.

Our website is a major source of information for our service users. It is also a focus point for our donors, supporters, volunteers and staff. The new website will encourage people to engage and interact with it as it is more visually engaging than the previous website and displays information in a clear and digestible way.

We made the decision to take on this project as we recognised a need to increase the visibility of Prisoners Abroad in the sector and encourage more people to recognise and support our work. We are the only organisation who helps British people affected by overseas imprisonment, which means it is crucial that information about our work is accessible.

Prisoners Abroad is open and transparent; the new website offers concise information about the organisation and the work that we do which can be easily found. It highlights projects and campaigns, and promotes service user voices throughout through stories, poems, art and feedback. This breaks down barriers between the service user, the donor and the organisation.

We are excited that our new website will assist us with confidently addressing future demands, and help us sustain a robust and varied supporter base.

Any questions about the new site please contact [email protected]