Two more sleeps until race day!! I think we’re all in slight disbelief that the marathon is now actually very nearly upon us. We have our transport to the airport all organised and our route to our accommodation in Budapest sorted. All that’s left to do now is run 26.2 miles!

The last week of ‘training’ has definitely been the most enjoyable- it’s predominantly involved resting and eating carbohydrates. But Sunday is now looming and I think the nervous anticipation is building. We’ve been training really hard over the past few months and we’re now as ready, both physically and mentally, as we’ll ever be. Whilst filled with trepidation, we’re all really excited about taking on this challenge and doing it for a cause we all feel so passionately about.

As a Caseworker at Prisoners Abroad, I witness first-hand every day the impact our organisation has on those in prison overseas and their families. The casework team is very small- there’s only six of us- and we’re working with around 1,100 prisoners across approx. 95 countries and 1,600 of family members at any given time, so we’re quite busy! Our work is very reactive and we never really know what each day is going to bring. But whether it’s through speaking to someone who is dealing with the devastating news that their relative or friend has been arrested, or opening a letter from someone detained in a prison thousands of miles away, we are constantly reminded of the value and importance of our life-saving work.

We’d like to say an enormous thank you to everyone who has kindly sponsored us already. Knowing we have your support is definitely going to help us when we inevitably hit the so-called ‘wall’. We’re very proud of the organisation we work for and we very much appreciate your encouragement and donations!

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