By Lucy Stretch

As summer is fast approaching, you may be thinking of getting a job as the term is over and you have plenty of free time on your hands. Most casual summer jobs tend to be in restaurants, hotels, and bars that need extra help for the summer months, so why not go abroad and work, because if you’re going to be working in a bar, it may as well be on the beach with some guaranteed sunshine!

A recent BBC article highlights what they call ‘modern slavery’ conditions imposed on British bar workers in Majorca. An investigation found out that many workers had their passports seized by employers, were charged high rents and paid extremely low wages. It is important to know your rights when working abroad to ensure that you are not taken advantage of. The Foreign Office advises anyone who is overseas and has had their passport taken by an employer should first report it to the police. British nationals should then contact the local British Consulate for help and advice to get a replacement. You can find the relevant British embassy, high commission or consulate here for wherever you are worldwide.

Before you go and work abroad, it is important to research where you will be going and know the local laws and customs of the country. Make sure a relative or a friend knows where you will be staying and working, and provide them with an address and telephone number. Take out comprehensive travel insurance too, to ensure you are fully covered for any issues whilst abroad, such as medical issues or missing personal belongings. Check out the FCO Travel Aware page so you can go abroad with peace of mind.

Working abroad can be an amazing experience, a great addition to your CV, and the best chance to experience a new culture. But your safety abroad is of absolute importance, so make sure you know what to expect and plan before you go!