Mary Ann Clements joined ADD International where she is now Co-CEO in July 2021. She has worked in international development spaces for over 20 years and was Executive Director of Able Child Africa from 2004 to 2011. 

Mary Ann was also previously Regional Representative for Basic Needs in East Africa. Since 2011 she has worked as an independent consultant with INGOs, funders and the public sector on a whole range of issues related to funding, partnership, wellbeing and power. Alongside being a leader Mary Ann is a writer, facilitator & coach. She is also a Director of Healing Solidarity, a project which has engaged over 3500 people in the practice of re-imagining the global development sector over the past three years. In recent years she has worked extensively on building anti-racist practice in international development spaces and is committed to helping re-think the way international development organisations work so that they can build a solidarity that heals, rather than perpetuates injustice. 

Mary Ann used Prisoners Abroad’s friends & family services when a loved one was in prison in two European countries.

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