The geographical isolation is one of the most difficult things to deal with. I must admit that the first four months brought upon a despair that was almost suicidal in intensity; but as time passed I began to accept that humans have an amazing trait: we excel in adaptability. Personality and spirit strives to give the fortitude that allows survival under the adverse conditions.

Any person that has been subjected to prolonged periods of isolation will have mental and emotional scars that will never heal. Such detrimental effects will obviously become chronic and then sever as the period endured increases. It's frightening to observe these effects on a personal scale; I see them in others, and myself on a daily basis, and it's truly appalling.

As an organisation, Prisoners Abroad and its supporters, staff and volunteers perform the almost impossible in providing contact and most of all, care, to those 'isolated' overseas. 

Being offered a lifeline can change everything. 

Prisoners Abroad translates human rights law into practical life-saving actions by providing prisoners access to vitamins and essential food, emergency medical care, freepost envelopes to keep in touch with home and books and magazines to help sustain mental health.