Lord Neuberger served as President of the UK Supreme Court from 2012 to 2017. Shortly after retiring, Lord Neuberger became a trustee of Prisoners Abroad, strongly believing that “whether guilty or not, a prisoner is entitled to proper treatment”.

At Prisoners Abroad’s 40th Anniversary Pledge Dinner (in 2018) Lord Neuberger gave the following speech about the importance of supporting British prisoners overseas, those returning to the UK following a sentence, and their families.

Lord Neuberger's speech begins at 5:03

Being offered a lifeline can change everything. 

Prisoners Abroad translates human rights law into practical life-saving actions by providing prisoners access to vitamins and essential food, emergency medical care, freepost envelopes to keep in touch with home, and books and magazines to help sustain mental health.

For those returning to the UK with nothing following a sentence overseas, Prisoners Abroad provides emergency accommodation and small grants for food and transport, preventing those who have just returned from sleeping on the street.

At the same time, our Family Support Groups and our Freephone Telephone Support service ensure that family members, who are facing the often overwhelming stress and isolation of having a loved one imprisoned abroad, have somewhere to turn to for support.