I'm Nick Prettejohn and I'd like to introduce myself to you as the new Chair of Trustees at Prisoners Abroad. 

I first became aware of Prisoners Abroad in 2017. I had completed my training as a mentor for the homelessness charity House of St Barnabus and started to mentor someone who had been a service user. In his case, our work had turned a bleak return to the UK with $20 in his pocket, into a way forward that offered hope. I'm proud to say that he is in work and doing well. 

His personal story introduced me to the profound impact we can have supporting individuals and their families, and therefore the society in which we all live. Without our intervention and support, his immediate and longer term future could have been precarious and uncertain. It's one of those issues that is important but not obvious unless you come across it directly, and my experience led me to want to find out more. I was lucky enough to spend some time finding out more from Pauline and the team, and ultimately I've been honoured to be chosen to succeed Richard Price as Chair, following his outstanding and dedicated service. 

I've been involved in several charities over the last 15 years, particularly focussing on musical causes. I'm just stepping down after 9 years as Chair of the Royal Northern College of Music. In my 'day jobs' I chair Reach plc and Scottish Widows, part of Lloyds Banking Group, where I also sit on the Board. It is a privilege to be able to use the skills that (I hope) I've developed in these different roles to help the organisations and caused that I support. 

I passionately believe that a vital measure of a civilised society is the kindness and respect that we show to all people, irrespective of their past deeds or current predicament. 

The work of Prisoners Abroad demonstrates both civilised compassion and respect for human rights in a wonderfully practical and valuable way. In our current world, where uncertainty and loneliness are a reality for even more people than in normal times, our work is equally even more needed. I am thrilled to be involved in making sure the positive impact I have seen first hand can continue.