Prisoners around the world often tell us how much they like reading and seeing other prisoners' poems. We circulate these in our newsletter three times a year, and wanted to share a selection on National Poetry Day. Here are poems written by people we are supporting overseas. 

Have you ever?

Have you ever felt the rain pouring down outside?
Have you ever felt the rain pelting down deep inside?
Have you ever felt the storm that rages in your heart?
Have you ever felt the tears, warm and salty from your eyes?

My heart is a raging storm, torn between love and hate
Tears of rage, tears of love, tears of confusion
Pain, disappointment, faith and broken dreams
Self-destruction, afraid of failure, shattered self-esteem

Innocence I was denied, taken from those trusted
Now I live in solitary where prison I’ve been thrusted
My crime so abominable and now I can’t be trusted
Words unspoken for many years unable to control my grief
Have you ever felt the fire burning you inside?
Have you ever felt the bitterness, ice cold but look ok outside?

If you understand these words you may know where I’ve been
If you understand the place I’ve been I know just how you feel
If you have a twisted heart I feel the pain with you
If you were denied your innocence, take pity I lost mine too
Have you ever felt the summer sun warming in the day?
Have you now a family that help you win the day?
Have you ever felt a love so fine it eases all the pain?
Have you ever had two innocents you love so much it hurts?
Now I have God’s perfect gift but guilty I surmise
I’ve hurt them all, denied them all and broken them inside
It’s them I should be crying for but my heart remains busted
I was taken to the house of horrors and my heart is still haunted
Will there ever be a time when those accused will face justice?

Written by Leigh, Spain


This word is often uttered,
But do people truly comprehend
The depth of which its existence
Where love and hope commend.
They will tell you when you’re wrong
Even in moments where your emotions
Refuse to bend. I hope that one day
I can earn the honour of being called your

Written by Reginald, USA

Box window of prison livin’

Don’t just stare, look in this window of prison
That could help delve into truths even greater
Than any from the law and order policy makers
As we inside try to contemplate why the community hate us
Have politicians lying while they try and debate with no trust
Keeping us trapped in concrete confined spaces
Living as sub-humans lower than second class status
Taking away all traces of frill
Look out our box window at barbed wire and steel
How can they say there’s rehabilitation if the system keeps getting filled
Mixing with all kinds of races, always different faces
Lawyers making a living from never ending cases
Push us through court so corrupt judges can berate us
All the evil empty stares that pierce straight through
Cause stress and anxiety amongst more than a few
Time now for lockdown if only the outside knew
This is the part where our past comes to taunt
Can’t close our eyes for all the horrors that haunt
Hear them keys in the morning BANG back to the start
Now that’s what it’s like through this window of ours.

Written by James, Australia

My Tears they fall

My tears they fall
On the bus in front of strangers
Who turn away embarrassed
Pretending not to notice
They roll down my face in the sunshine
And mingle with the rain
Pouring from the sky
On a cloudy day
They will not be restrained
Held back
Because You feel
Embarrassed and Ashamed
Unable to express
Your own Pain.

Written by Veronica

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