Today, 7th October, is National Poetry Day. We receive lots of poems written by prisoners around the world, who often tell us how creativity in prison helps their well-being. Here is a selection of poems written by people we are supporting in prisons overseas.


A destiny is what you’re born with

It stays with you throughout your life

A blueprint mapping how you’ll live

Like braille on paper for the blind

It can’t be read by your own eyes

It leads the way to live and die

And on the way you’ll realise

You’ll never change it, how hard you try

There’s no point even questioning

God’s plan for you, the way He moves

The challenges are His way of testing

If what’s around is really true

Sometimes you’ll sit and shake your head

And think how this could happen

Just get up and try again

It’s never easy, there’s no bargain

Written by a prisoner in Germany



It’s not so wrong for my eyes to release

Please, thinking of my loved ones this autumn

Breeze, and all the things I had achieved.

When I look into the sky I feel so free, freedom

Is just a dream for me. God I wish it will

Soon be, I hate this place, it’s so not me.

Memories and photos of what I had, thinking

Of the wife and my life I once had.

So many good times it makes me very sad, knowing

That my son has not got his dad.

I’m so glad we talk on the phone, and you’re

With your mum and not alone.

Thinking of you and how you have grown,

Makes me want to be at home.

Written by a prisoner in Bulgaria


Last kiss

It was autumn when we had our last kiss,

Over all those people I love,

You are the only one I miss

It was so hard seeing you cry

They didn’t give us chance to say goodbye

I know you are sad and lonely

But this won’t last forever, surely

Soon will be our ten-year anniversary

What is happening to us remains a mystery

Your blood running through my vein

Sending messages to my brain,

That soon we will kiss again.

Written by an anonymous service user


Prisoners Abroad

When you’re scared and really down

No need to cry and stress.

Prisoners Abroad will help you to express.

When you’re confused about your mess

Prisoners Abroad will help and do their best

When sometimes things are difficult with family and friends

Prisoners Abroad will help you try to make amends.

When you have no money for stamps, don’t pout

Prisoners Abroad freepost envelopes they will send.

When you want to read and study but have nowt,

Prisoners Abroad will help without a doubt.

Prisoners Abroad, a small team of people who care,

No matter what crime you committed.

Prisoners Abroad are always there.

Prisoners Abroad helped and supported me.

You helped me to achieve,

Gave me the confidence to believe.

Prisoners Abroad, thank you for all you have done.

Prisoners Abroad I won’t forget you when I leave…

Written by HV, a prisoner in Japan


We publish a selection of poems and artwork in our newsletters three times a year.