Every year, many people are deported at the end of their sentence - often they have lived abroad for a number of years, sometimes decades, and arrive with nothing: no money, nowhere to sleep and very often no family or friends to call on for help. Our caseworkers support prisoners during their incarceration, and then prepare them for their return to the UK. 

A total of 339 ex-prisoners used the service last year and of these people, 128 had newly returned [within the year] from overseas. We have seen a steep increase in arrivals since the start of 2022. To support new returnees, we now provide arrival packs that are distributed by our partner Heathrow Travel Care so that people are able to access support, emergency accommodation and weekly grants. 

Here is our new film, funded by Comic Relief, that shares the complexity of these issues, and how we are able to help. 

Supporting people who aren't used to or able to use a smartphone has remained a consistent challenge of the pandemic, exacerbated by many services moving onling, including council services. This has been a steep learning curve for many people and we have been active in guiding people to improve their ability to use technology where possible. 

Offering a guiding hand

Prisoners Abroad supports people who return to the UK after prison; we find them somewhere to stay, provide grants for food and travel, and help them take the vital steps to a new life.

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