Reflecting on Pauline's 20 years as Chief Executive, we are reminded of all those whose lives have been devastated by imprisonment.

Joe Parham, a co-founder of Prisoners Abroad also reflected on the charity's conception 10 years ago on our 35th anniversary. Since Prisoners Abroad started, we have supported 17,608 prisoners, 14,658 family members and 3,000 people on return to the UK after prison, a considerable legacy. 

In this film, we hear directly from those we support, hearing the adverse and devastating effects overseas imprisonment can have on the prisoner, the family member, and on return to the UK. No two stories are the same, each person who experiences this has something different to add. Prisoners Abroad listens to the complexities of what people have gone through and tailors the support based on individual need, to offer hope, and ultimately a lifeline. 

Here is our story. 

Offering a guiding hand

Prisoners Abroad supports people who return to the UK after prison; we find them somewhere to stay, provide grants for food and travel, and help them take the vital steps to a new life.

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