Prisoners Abroad has recently joined forces with Charitable Travel, a social enterprise and financially protected travel agency.

Founded in 2020, Charitable Travel donate 100% of their profits to charitable causes. The premise is simple; once you have placed a booking, you will be sent a link to their JustGiving page, from where you can make a donation of 5% of your holiday price to the charity of your choice. Once you’ve made the donation, JustGiving lets Charitable Travel know and the cost of your holiday is reduced by by 5%.

If you are planning a trip abroad and fancy some expert travel advice, as well as the opportunity to support our work fighting for the human rights of British overseas prisoners, you can check out the Prisoners Abroad offer page on Charitable Travel's website here.

Your support will help people just like Angela, who we have assisted through a sentence in Japan. She says:

Prisoners Abroad cover so many important things I couldn’t otherwise pay for, from medicine to meditation guides. They care for and support our families when we are in prison, and even help them to book visits. The list really is endless; I’d keep going but I doubt I would be able to finish.

 You can read Angela's full story here.

For more information on Charitable Travel and their booking process, you can visit their FAQ page

And once you have chosen your destination and booked your holiday, you might want to check out our Travel Aware campaign, in partnership with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, to ensure you are up to date with local laws and customs, have the correct travel insurance, and are signed up to receive travel email alerts.