Unfortunately, prison facilities commonly execute controversial tactics that isolate, retrain, and scrutinize mentally ill prisoners. These ill-advised practices often result with prisoners experiencing intensified tension, frustration, and conflicts according to the Canadian Press. This particular treatment has even more detrimental effect on female prisoners.

Furthermore, the Canadian Press reported that there is no standalone treatment facility for federal female inmates. Therefore, advocates are proposing that Canadian prison services find alternatives methods to dealing with their female prisoners who suffer from mental illnesses.

One proponent suggested that prison services initiate this reversal by allotting funds to utilize community facilities to house at least 12 female inmates who require intensive mental health care. The thought process beyond this development is designed to provide a cost effective solution in the effort to minimize preventable deaths in custody and costly civil lawsuits.

The traditional methods of throwing mental ill inmates in dark, secluded, and confined cells are no longer acceptable. Therefore, consider it your civic duty to pressure these prison services to abolish their outdated strategies and ensure the proper of treatment all of inmates, especially those who suffer from mental illnesses.

By James Donnell