As a human rights and welfare charity, we hear a considerable number of accounts and stories about the challenges people face in prison abroad and at home in the UK, each one of them affected by overseas imprisonment in some way.

But today, on World Smile Day, we are sharing with you the positive things we hear, the big and small things that can bring a smile no matter what the situation.

“When my wife saw the money that you sent us, for the first time there was some light that shone in her eyes. My children were overcome because for the first time since our nightmare began they saw mum & dad have a smile for each other that they thought had perhaps vanished away from their lives for ever.” A prisoner in Thailand

“Thank you very much for the travel allowance that you granted to us. It is very much appreciated. I thought you might like to see some of the smiles that you help to bring about. I am enclosing a photograph of my son with his Dad, taken by the prison warders.” A family member with a relative in prison in Malta

“You guys go a long way to put a smile on my face every month.  Keep the spirit burning!” A prisoner in Italy

“What a change you have made to my life and future life! Thank you so much everyone. I often ponder on the underground map you sent me, I often smile at the Finsbury Park station!” A prisoner in Australia

“You put a smile on my face and I was like a child opening a present. When I leave this place, future inmates will appreciate the generosity of Prisoners Abroad with all the books you have sent to read.” A prisoner in Portugal

“I really appreciate it that you both like my drawings, I hope this picture will go a long way to putting a smile on your face and giving you the strength to continue to touch the lives of inmates.” A prisoner in Italy

“I was quite touched when you requested an illustration.  That made me feel quite useful or should I say creative.  I used to think I was a good for nothing bloke but now I know that if I take my time and relax I could do something to put a smile on one or two faces.  Isn't that great?” A prisoner in Italy

“The birthday card you sent certainly brought a smile to my face. It brings me so much joy to even have someone acknowledge my existence.” A prisoner in Australia

“Your card was the only one I received and it brought a huge smile to this lonely inmate. Thank you for the work you do for inmates everywhere.” A prisoner in Australia

“Just a very brief note to express my gratitude for you remembering my birthday…..Once again thanks for cheering me up and bringing a smile to my face (this is a rarity these days).” A prisoner in Thailand

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